Soundtracking #12 The Struts

I confess I’m not sure why I love this track.

Perhaps it’s the retro feel to the chord sequences and the backing vocals; even the lyrics are bordering on late 90’s pastiche. Or perhaps it is because for some bizarre reason the lead singer reminds me of Justin Hawkins from The Darkness, except without the nuts-in-a-mangle high notes and the rehab. If their forthcoming album has a song about STDs then it will definitely make my summer…

Regardless, The Struts don’t seem to take themselves too seriously and that can only be a good thing. Come on…I dare you not to sing along to that ‘Oh yeah!’.

Soundtracking #5 – Warpaint

Warpaint have been around for a while (about a decade-ish) and this is not a new track but it was my gateway song and the video is quite cute and sunny too.
American indie rock with delicious lady harmonies that have a hint of nostalgia. Just lush.